Coco Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye BELIZE © John Lamkin

Coco Beach Resort, Ambergris Caye BELIZE © John Lamkin

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Searching for Panama in Mexico, hats that is

Story and photos by John Lamkin
In the center of the small town we saw several tricycle rickshaws waiting for passengers. We were looking for sombreros–hats. Viewing the giant hat sculpture, next to the church, in the village…

The real estate scene for expats on Ambergris Caye, Belize

Ambergris Caye (pronounced key) is one of the most popular destination in the English speaking, Central American country of Belize. The second largest barrier reef in the world is located just mile from the shore of this Caribbean island, making…

Ambergris Caye, Belize’s premiere Caribbean getaway

by John Lamkin
Ambergris Caye (Caye is pronounced key) is one of the Caribbean islands off the coast of Belize, Central America. The official language of the country is English and the currency is fixed to the U.S. Dollar at…

Punta Faro Resort a bit of South American paradise

I really enjoyed the two hour boat ride from Cartagena, Colombia to Múcura Island and passing by some of the other islands of the San Bernardo Archipelago. Of most interest to me was the island of Santa Cruz del…

Victoria House Resort barefoot luxury on Belize’s Ambergris Caye

Ambergris Caye (Caye is pronounced key) is an island off the coast of Belize, Central America which boasts the world’s second largest barrier reef. The official language of the country is English, which makes it much easier for…

Hotel Aviá 93, ultra modern luxury in downtown Bogota Colombia

 I arrived from the airport late at night and was met at my taxi by a cheerful concierge. Check in was quick and efficient. When I arrived at my room, awaiting me was a room service trolley …

The most crowded island in the world (Photos)

 What is the most crowded island in the world? Some New Yorkers will say Manhattan. The Japanese thought they might have claim to it until they heard about Santa Cruz del Islote, an island located off the coast of..

A springtime road trip from Taos, New Mexico to Mesa Verde, Colorado and beyond  +        Slideshow

Las Terrazas Resort – laid back luxury on Belize’s Ambergris Caye

The Phoenix resort – luxury on Belize’s Ambergris Caye

Viente de Noviembre: a Mexican Maya village opens to tourism

Scottsdale Arizona resort features the artwork of renowned Cuban artist in exile

Ballooning getaway in Northern Arizona

How Halloween was celebrated 6,000 years ago

A trip back through Taos art history: A tour of the home of Eanger Irving Couse

Art, Food & Wine – Taos, New Mexico Traditions

Day of the Dead in a Typical Oaxacan Village

Cusarare Falls, The Place of the Eagle, Tarahumara and Sierra Mountain Lodge

Northern New Mexico Travel – Where Can I Find a Farmers Market in Taos Part 3 – Red Willow Market

Northern New Mexico Travel Info 101 – Where Can I Find a Farmers Market in Taos Part 2

Northern New Mexico Travel Info 101 – Where Can I Find a Farmers Market in Taos Part 1

Toast of Taos: indulgences for all the senses in one of the most spectacular settings in the world

Cerocahui, Chihuahua, Mexico–ancient Spanish mission, Jesuit vineyards and spectacular vistas

Ay Chihuahua – Barrancas de Cobre (Copper Canyon) and Chihuahua City

Now, a practical laptop for the road warrior

My Dream House
Sitting here watching the sunrise on the lagoon—Laguna Bacalar–I recall the time we arrived by canoe at the little cove here and decided that this would be an excellent spot to build a house. It was covered with scrub growth, weeds, some trees, coconut palms and the jungle w …

Manatee Hormones

Dani has a face that only a mother could love, but he doesn’t have a mother – he’s an orphan. Dani is a manatee, sometimes referred to as a sea cow. I guess if he had a mother she would think he was beautiful. The horny seafarers of earlier time …

The Lost Maya City
Picture Gallery by John Lamkin

Cora Amalia, the president of the municipality, affirmed the stories I’d heard for a while. There was a “lost” Maya city in the nearby jungle that rivals Tikal in Guatemala and has a pyramid larger than the one at Palenque in the state of Campeche. …

An Unusual Prison Near Chetumal, Quintana Roo

CERESO Chetumal is a unique prison that has seen no violence in ten years and that has an excellent arts/crafts program that teaches the prisoners and sells to tourists.

Travel Light With a Portable Internet Tablet

With the Nokia N810 Portable Internet Tablet one can carry a multimedia/communications device, only slightly larger than an iPod, that with WiFi is a veritable workhorse.

Tres Orejas, New Mexico—Off the Beaten Track

When visiting Taos, New Mexico an interesting 30 minute side trip is west, across the Rio Grande Gorge Bridge, to the unique community of Tres Orejas. Way “Off the grid.”

Taos, New Mexico Restaurants ‘Green Up’
When visiting Taos, New Mexico the traveler is now assured of being able to find nutritious food. Whether Vegetarian, vegan, locally grown, organic–it is all available.

Travel-Writers Carry an Office in Your Pocket

Writers, business travelers, and other road warriors can now travel lightly and efficiently with Voip Internet telephony technology from Skype, Vonage, SanDisk and U3.

The Value of Belonging to a Travel Writers Group

The benefits of belonging to a travel writers organization are many fold, including networking with fellow writers and being aware of what is happening in the craft.

Fifty and Beyond, a Book for Those 50 and Over

How to keep traveling in your advanced age.

A non-authoritarian approach to fitness and well-being, aimed especially at people approaching and beyond age fifty (50).An inspiration during a time of mid-life for many

Bacalar, Quintana Roo, Mexico–Eco-Destination

The village of Bacalar and Laguna Bacalar, Mexico’s second largest fresh water lake, are fast becoming ecologically sound places to vacation and to consider investment.

Blogging, Microblogging and Social Networking

In these days of the Internet, blogging, microblogging and social networking are important tools for the author who wants to get their book and themselves publicized.

I See Your Name Everywhere by PR Guru,Pam Lontos

In no-nonsense language Pam Lontos and Andrea Brunais present the essentials of PR needed by all self-publishing and other authors to publicize themselves and their books

Cerocahui, the Gem of Mexico’s Copper Canyon

A side trip from the Bahuichivo Station of the Chihuahua Pacific Railway takes one to the Cerocahui Valley, on the edge of the Copper Canyon, Mexico’s Grand Canyon.

A Gem Found in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula

Nestled on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, far from Cancún, travelers can find relaxation and adventure at Rancho Encantado where warm, azure, healing waters lap at the shore

An Interview with Bacalar, Mexico RE/MAX Broker

Alejandro “Alex” Apellaniz fled from the bustling Playa del Carmen area, three hours to the north and near Cancun, to the tranquility of the small village Bacalar.

Tuscany, A Closer Look by Robert Luce Seghers-Book review

In this beautiful book, Tuscany, A Closer Look, author and photographer Seghers presents us with a truly vivid look at the landscape, towns and people of Tuscany, Italy

Publicity for New and Self-Published Authors

In this interview Pam Lontos gives savvy consel to authors–whether self-published or with publishers that do not provide publicity support to their little-known authors.

Trazzler, a Vehicle for Expanding Your Markets

Writing for Trazzler is a relative easy way for a writer to get credits in the field of travel journalism. The articles are short, concise vignettes of a place or trip.

Ten Websites Important to Self-Publishing Author

When self publishing a book or e-book there are many steps to consider. The Internet contains a wealth of information to help the author. Here are some helpful sites.

Zapotec Indian Weavers of Teotitlán del Valle

Forty years ago the village of Teotitlán was just dirt streets and basic houses with earth floors, outdoor kitchens and outhouses and very little electricity.

A Celebration of the Worlds Most Fragile Wonders-Book review

A review of Holly Hughes’ book, “500 Places to See Before They Disappear” published by Frommer’s®. A book that points out what we are losing on the planet and why.

Translator of 16th Century Spanish Mystics

In this interview Mirabai Starr, translator of the 16th Century Spanish mystics, St. Teresa of Avila and St. John of the Cross, shares her insights and motivations.

Interview with Travel Photographer & Journalist

Photographer and travel writer Paul Ross, gives some insight into how he works and offers advice to both the beginner and the professional travel writer and photographer.

Mérida, Mexico Museum Displays Catherwood Art

The famous 19th century lithographs of Maya ruins by Frederick Catherwood (1799-1854) can now be seen by the public in a restored mansion in Mérida, Yucatán’s capital.

Social Networking & Web 2.0 for Book Marketing

The author and writer has unlimited potential for self-published book marketing and self promotion through social networking and other innovations of the new web 2.0.

Book Review: The Self-Publishing Manual

Poynter’s book leads the writer/author through the complete process of self-publishing from evaluating possibilities of publishing one’s own book to the final product.

Interview with Editor-in-Chief Stephen Kiesling

The author interviewed Spirituality and Health’s editor who was relaxing after leading a travel writing workshop at Rancho Encantado Eco-Resort in Laguna Bacalar, Mexico.

Dani the Manatee—An Endangered Species

Manatees are considered an endangered species. Get to know this one, Dani, who lives near Chetumal in Laguna Guerrero in the Southern Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico

Interview with Travel Journalist/Photographer

Judith Fein, award-winning travel journalist, photographer, filmmaker and teacher, has contributed to over 80 publications and is a regular travel columnist for three.

A Simple On-The-Road Office for Writers

Most everywhere in the world Internet is available. Here’s what is needed for a laptop-free office on the road: A flash drive or MP3 player, PortableApps Suite and Skype.

Easy Steps for Writers to Self-Publish a Book

CreateSpace, Amazon’s new “on demand publishing” program, allows a writer’s self-published book to be in his or her hands quickly with virtually no monetary investment.

A Farm to Fork Revival: Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm in Ranchos de Albuquerque, New Mexico

Farm land has been disappearing rapidly in Albuquerque’s North Valley in the last few years. New high-end residential development is taking its place. Matt Rembe and family, owners of Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm, are doing something about it

The Mexican Spa

“SPA TREATMENTS” read the hand-lettered sign, which seemed perfectly normal…until I remembered I was in a prison, in Mexico!

La Petite Crêpe, A Mexican Culinary Experience

We were having a culinary adventure (and mis-adventure) coming up from the Belize border, heading toward Cancun. On the way down from Cancun we had a quest – find the Peninsula’s best flan. We did, at Rancho Encantado in Bacalar.

BOOK REVIEW: Life is a Trip: The Transformative Magic of Travel

The nature of travel writing has changed, as has travel itself. Today the emphasis is on cultural travel and experiential travel, on learning first hand about the cultures one visits – their customs, their food, and how they think and feel.

The Hippie Hat

We were looking for sombreros–hats. Viewing the giant hat sculpture in the village plaza, there was no doubt we had arrived at the hat-making town of Becal, Campeche, Mexico.

Cerocahui, Mexico: Tarahumara Indians, Jesuits and Wine

…I could have been somewhere in Southern Europe, but I am actually near the edge of the Barrancas de Cobre (Copper Canyon), Mexico’s Grand Canyon. Little did I expect to find ancient vineyards here on top of the world.

Rancho Encantado: Hidden gem of the Yucatán

Nestled on Mexico’s Yucatán Peninsula, far from Cancún, travelers can find relaxation and adventure at Rancho Encantado…

BOOMTOWN (Luxury Avenue Magazine – Pg. 98-100)

Despite the shaky global economy, buyers are still investing in property in CancÒn and on the Riviera Maya. John Lamkin visits some of the new developments taking shape to find out why the region is now one of the best places in the world for value in luxury real estate…

Mexicanos – VIVA MEXICO! (Luxury Avenue Magazine – Summer 2010)

“Mexico is in even more of a party mood this year, finds John Lamkin, as it prepares to celebrate its revolution and independence.”

Luxury Oceanfront Living for Less: Cruising for condos in Cancun

By John Lamkin. Half a century ago, Cancun and the Riviera Maya, on the Caribbean coast of the Yucatan peninsula, were only blank spaces on the map.

Cuenca, Ecuador – The Next South American Real Estate Boomtown?

By John Lamkin. Perfect spring-like weather year round, reasonable cost of living , great quality of life and a place where luxury real estate values are many—that …

Tulum & Sian Ka’an Real Estate: From Backpacking to Luxe
By John Lamkin. As the whole Caribbean coast of Mexico goes steadily more upscale in its real estate offerings, the ex-backpacker enclave of Tulum and …

Investing in Tranquility — Paradise found in Bacalar
Story and photos by John Lamkin. Few outside of Mexico have heard of Lake Bacalar, even though it lies between the Riviera Maya below Cancun and the hot …

Six Figures

 by JOHN LAMKIN © A long time ago I started travel writing thinking it would provide me…

Snorkeling at Punta Faro Resort, Mucura Island, Colombia, South America

Photo Essay

Snorkeling at Punta Faro Resort, Mucura Island, Colombia, South America

Punta Faro is a luxurious resort situated on a bit of Caribbean paradise, Mucura Island–2 hours from Cartagena, Colombia, South America.

A Very Unusual Mexican Prison

Feature Story

A Very Unusual Mexican Prison

In Mexico, about four hours from Cancun, there is a very unique prison

Cerocahui, a surprise in Mexico's Barranca de Cobre, Copper Canyon

Feature Story

Cerocahui, a surprise in Mexico’s Barranca de Cobre, Copper Canyon

16th century Jesuits set up missions in the remote regions of Mexico’s Copper Canyon to teach the indigenous Tarahumara Indians “civilized” ways.

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A Luxury Island Getaway – Victoria House Resort, Ambergris Caye, Belize

Susanna and I took a water taxi from the mainland and arrived at one of the main docks of this lively island.

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The Westin Kierland Resort in Scottsdale Arizona features the artwork of renowned Cuban artist in exile

The Westin Kierland Resort & Spa’s restaurant, deseo, is showcasing the work of Cuban artist, Nelson Garcia-Miranda. Exiled from his homeland, resident artist Nelson Garcia-Miranda creates works of art live in the deseo lounge.

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Santa Cruz del Islote, the most crowded island in the world

Some New Yorkers will say Manhattan when asked what is the most crowded island in the world? The Japanese thought they might have claim to it until they heard about Santa Cruz del Islote, an island located in the Caribbean off the coast of Cartagena, Colombia.

Making a Difference
Bringing Mexico’s Zapotec Indian Culture into the 21st Century
Click here for page 1: Taos Mag 1(pdf), page 2: Taos Mag 2

Taos News Basket Dance

Basket Dance - Wild Horse Resort and Spa - Taos News
Basket Dance – Wild Horse Resort and Spa – Taos News image ©John Lamkin